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Out with the old, in with the new
Sometimes the tide runs into you

Dragged by sea, dropped on shore
This is the life when you live outdoors

The sun rises upon day, sets upon night
Just as the children building sandcastles spread their delight

A rhythmic pattern of crashing waves
Created by the moon as it passes the days

Stuck in the sand, grabbed by hands Life on the beach always seemed more grand

Life underwater was never the plan
For seashells prefer to stay on land

Just a friendly reminder that cancer ribbons come in more colors than just pink. Please educate yourselves.

I normally don’t post anything like this but it really bothers me that more people don’t know the other colors. I didn’t even know what color ribbon to wear for my mom until six months after she passed away. That’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

It’s not acceptable to be oblivious anymore. Please learn more and support whatever/whichever/whomever you can. Cancer is not yet a thing of the past.

Stay hopeful,

A Gray Ribbon Wearer.